OUR Ethos


We believe professionalism  means exceeding expectations through knowledge and skill


We are
reliable and strive

to meet our clients'

needs on time and within budget


We believe

honesty is

an integral part

of our working


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R J Leighfield & Sons have a set of company values which underpin our ethos and our working relationships with clients, subcontractors, suppliers, staff members and all our other stakeholders.

"R J Leighfield is a trusted partner of WHL (Wokingham Housing Ltd). The organisation has a wealth of experience and expertise in the construction sector and were appointed following a competitive tender process. The results at Fosters were outstanding and we are looking forward to delivering the same quality housing at Gorse Ride."

Bill Flood, Managing Director, Wokingham Housing Ltd

"At Even Swindon School we were impressed from the start with the professional approach of R J Leighfield. Working alongside and within a large live running school site takes an incredible amount of cooperation, tolerance and high profile safety consciousness. We were delighted with the approach of the builder and sub contractors in all these respects."

Robin Phoenix-Stone, Headmaster, Even Swindon Primary School

"The project exceeded expectations and is a building of real quality that has enhanced the facilities we offer at the school."

​Philip Hoyland, Headmaster, Pinewood School

"I can confirm that R J Leighfield’s input to this process was invaluable. R J Leighfield provided sound, acceptable suggestions that reduced costs without substantially compromising the specification."

Michael Moss, Project Surveyor, Gardiner & Theobald LLP