Richard James Leighfield was born in Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire on 8th March 1859. He founded the Company in 1885.  In April 1948 Richard James Leighfield died aged 89 years and Arthur Leighfield was elected to succeed him as Chairman. Maurice Leighfield, Arthur’s son, was elected Managing Director of the Company in 1960. In 1983 Simon Leighfield joined R J Leighfield & Sons Ltd serving the company as a Contracts Manager. In 1996 he was appointed Contracts Director the position he held until in 1998 when, upon the retirement of his father Maurice Leighfield, he was appointed R J Leighfield & Sons Ltd Managing Director.

(1859 - 1948)

R.J Leighfield

(1903 - 1989)

A. Leighfield

(1931 -

M. Leighfield

(1962 -

S.R Leighfield

The company was founded in 1885 by Richard James Leighfield (who lived in Wootton Bassett) when he was 26 years of age, operating from premises in Clifton Street, Swindon.


At the turn of the century, encouraged by the growth of New Swindon, he purchased a parcel of land on the east side of Whitney Street, on which he built a house known as 1 Whitney Street, where he lived. Behind the house he developed office accommodation, yard, stables and a workshop from where he conducted his business. On the rest of the land he built six cottages which he let, principally to members of his staff. 

R J Leighfield & Sons Ltd. were incorporated on 9th April 1930.

During the war years the company was engaged in various projects of national importance. At the outset the company built block houses which formed part of the defences which were erected in readiness for a possible invasion. The Minute Book records that in 1944 the company was appointed to a panel of contractors who were to carry out urgent war damage repairs works in the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich. At the time London was suffering nightly raids carried out by German V1 and V2 rockets and the repair works were undertaken in an endeavour to assist in maintaining the moral of the residents of Woolwich.


R J Leighfield & Sons Ltd. became part of W. E. Chivers Holdings on 16th July 1979.

Chivers Group went into receivership in 1985.


R J Leighfield & Sons Ltd. became part of the Crampton Group in January 1986.


R J Leighfield & Sons Ltd. moved from its' Whitney Street offices in April 2005 (after being there for over 100 years) to new offices built by themselves in Royal Wootton Bassett ("back to where it all began").

On 27th July 2011 the Leighfield family completed the purchase of the Crampton shares and in so doing become the sole owners again of R J Leighfield & Sons.

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